Rise of the Gatebreakers : ML Katz WIP Free Sample Chapters

Rise of the Gatebreakers by ML Katz: Sample Chapters Released

It’s been awhile, but I am finally actually morning though third drafts of my new work in progress (WIP) for Rise of the Gatebreakers, a novel in a series called the Gatekeepers. outcroppingThis is a medieval fantasy genre series with a unique premise and twists that have proven fascinating to me, and I hope are fascinating to my readers.

If you’d rather just start reading, you can follow this link to The Rise of the Gatebreakers by ML Katz free sample chapter. Otherwise, I’ll give you a quick rundown of where I am right now.

The Gatekeepers: The Known Lands

The Known Lands contain five distinct regions or countries. These are The Hills, Moquel, Del Sur, Norcen, and Reha. Norcen considers The HIlls sort of a sub region of their own land, but the people in the The HIlls have an independent confederacy led by their own chief. The Known lands also contain four races, and these are the Old Race, similar to traditional humans, the Moquels, the Rehans, and the Tree People.

As the story begins, a few children from the most western village in The Hills are hiding in a cave because their village has been attacked by a force only known as the gatebreakers. It is the job of young Del Gerson, a 16-year-old “Gatekeeper” to keep the other children safe. Rabin Grandtree, 12 years old, is also in the cave. He is a hybrid boy, being very rare and half Moquel and half Old Race. Because of some hybrid characteristics, he can see in the dark better than the Old Race and is also strong and fast for his size and age.

The children have heard the sounds of battle from the village below their cave. They are anxious and scared because none of the adults have come to fetch them some time after the battle ends. Without much choice, Del Gerson sends Rabin Grandtree out as his Ranger to find out what happened. Adventures ensue, and I hope you enjoy the story and leave comments.

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